imgPower, Transmission & Distribution
Power, Transmission & Distribution

The paths to power are strained by tough environments and our always changing Canadian weather. See how we’re helping power generation, transmission and distribution companies keep our lights on.

imgWind Energy
Wind Energy

We proudly support the development of renewable energy, helping construction and service teams access remote areas. Learn more about how we’re helping wind projects take flight.

imgOil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Keeping things on time, that’s what the oil and gas industry is really about. We move fast to keep your production on schedule, giving you effective site access solutions for the most demanding environments.


Pipeline approved! We are the trusted company to keep your construction on time and on budget, supplying fast, reliable and environmentally friendly mats and bridges.


Quality products at a great value, all while supporting the most important element, safety. Read more about how we’re providing exceptional access solutions while protecting employees and environment.


The challenges of construction are not foreign to us. We understand the importance of timely site access that offer safe and efficient transportation. Check out some companies we’re working with to keep operations moving.


It doesn’t matter where the resources come from; getting your people and materials in and out requires effective solutions to beat environmental challenges. Learn how Northern Mat & Bridge is working with mining companies to surpass these challenges.



Northern Mat & Bridge Access, Crane & Rig Mat Solutions

Northern Mat & Bridge (NMB) specializes in providing safe, cost effective temporary access solutions to Resource and Construction based industries including; Oil & Gas, Transmission & Distribution, Pipeline, Construction, Mining and General Construction….