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Mission & Values

Mission Statement:

To safely deliver the most cost effective site access solutions 


To be the Energy Industry's site access experts


op Quality
nique Solutions
afety……of people and environment

Access Mats, Swamp Mats and Rig Mats 

Industrial Mats and Crane Mats 


Company Profile

At Northern Mat & Bridge (NMB), we remain fully committed to building the highest quality mats in the industry. With over ten years' experience, we understand the requirements needed to produce a quality mat. Our manufacturing facilities are engineered to create a superior product that will withstand the effects of the equipment and users operating on them and stand the test of time in harsh ground conditions. Our facilities are operated by trained professionals fully focused on quality, safety and production. All of our matting products are manufactured using the highest quality material.

Our passion is Access. Northern Mat & Bridge is Canada’s largest fully-integrated access solutions company. We manufacture, sell, rent, deliver, install, remove and manage our complete suite of matting and bridge products in house. We have 30 strategically-located service centres across the country with people, equipment, and product in place to service our customers. We are a Canada-wide turn-key service provider.

Our products and services are used to access remote areas and soft impassible terrain, extend operations, protect sensitive land and endangered species, prevent soil cross contamination, protect stream banks and crossings, span creeks and rivers, and most importantly; provide emergency access for spills, natural disasters, and medical aid.

Here at Northern Mat & Bridge we strive to build long term partnerships with our customers and at the same time offer value added solutions with creative pricing models.