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Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Industrial emergencies can, and often do, happen in the worst conditions and in areas which are all but inaccessible. In crucial times like these, Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) is here to help. Using our decades of providing planned access, NEAS takes us to the next level, allowing first responders and industrial remediation teams faster access so they can greatly reduce the impacts of industrial accidents.

With our depth of experience in Emergency Access Preparedness Planning applied to supply chain and project management, we maintain an up-to-date view of all our resources. We never have to guess at what we can do or when, and that’s critical when time isn’t on our side.

To mitigate contamination in sensitive areas, NEAS is backed up with our innovative on-site mat washing equipment. As a part of a full service package – or brought in after a job has been completed – our portable mat washing units ensure that contaminants have no chance to spread elsewhere. Visit the NEAS site for the whole story.