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Swamp Mats

Northern Mat & Bridge understands that if you are in the process of hiring a company to supply and install your access mats and temporary bridges you may have a lot of questions. We welcome your curiosity and want to provide you the answers to some frequently asked questions that potential customers such as yourself may have about contracting, sales, project planning, delivery, setup and demobilization of your operation.

  1. How do I become a Northern Mat & Bridge Contractor?
    When you call Northern Mat & Bridge’s head office you should ask to speak with the transportation department. They will supply you with a unique code to register for Comply Works at a discounted rate. Once you have logged in, answer the questionnaire and upload the requested information.
  2. How does Northern Mat and Bridge ensure the protection of employees, contractors and the environment?
    Northern Mat and Bridge has an award winning HSE program, a comprehensive in-house training program and contractor training program that encompasses the protection of all personnel, the general public, built and non-built environments using the latest technologies.
  3. I’m unsure of the equipment I’ll need, how can Northern Mat & Bridge help?
    You won’t need any equipment. When you hire Northern Mat & Bridge for your access solutions, you are provided with a turn-key service. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales team will show you from the first phone call that we are a different kind of company. After attentively listening to your project goals, they will recommend the equipment and pricing options needed to complete the job efficiently. Once you decide which options best suite your needs, we will look after everything from that point on.
  4. Does Northern Mat & Bridge handle the transportation of the mats, bridges and heavy equipment that we order?
    Northern Mat & Bridge has a large fleet of tractor trucks and a wide variety of Super B Trailers, Scissor Neck Trailers, Tri Drive Winch Trucks, Tandem Trucks and Lowbed Equipment Trailers to deliver orders to your site. In addition, we have over 100 contractors throughout Canada who have completed our specialized training and are qualified to work for us. Once you have chosen to work with Northern Mat & Bridge, we will take care of the logistics of transportation. All you have to do is determine which date the order is required at your site, and we will make sure it gets there on time.
  5. Our work site is in a remote area, what information will you need to find us for set up?
    Our company is used to delivering product to isolated areas. We do ask that you provide highway directions and GPS coordinates of the location where we can bring the equipment. GPS coordinates help us avoid any confusion and delays in delivery times.
  6. How long will it take for us to receive our order?
    We know and understand that you are busy, that is why we work around your schedule. Once you set a time that you would like to receive your access matting or bridge order, we coordinate our loading times so that your delivery arrives when you want it. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, our supervisors arrive to your site early to coordinate logistics and deal with anything that may cause delays.
  7. Will you need the help of our company’s employees to set up?
    No. Our site supervisors are scheduled to get to the site before any of the mats and equipment arrives. This gives the supervisor time to talk and coordinate with site’s consultant and make sure everyone is on the same page. Once the crew arrives onsite, they will have a safety meeting and then get right to work installing access mats for your well site, pipeline, or whatever job you may be working on.
  8. What happens if a mat or bridge is damaged during operations?
    We know and understand that damage happens. To ensure that our clients are only charged for the damages they are responsible for, our mats are inspected once by the loader operator in the yard and once by the supervisor and client together during the installation. From this point our clients agree to the quality of the mats when they receive them. After your project is completed our supervisors will inspect the mats with you again during the removal. This allows for all damages to be properly accounted for and agreed on between both parties. All damage costs are always clearly laid out in the contract before the project starts.
  9. How do we provide feedback about products or the service we received?
    We appreciate feedback from our clients. We want to know when we are meeting and exceeding expectations, or areas where we need to improve as well. We welcome your thoughts on our products and service and you can provide this best by completing our Customer Focus and Satisfaction Survey.
  10. How do I get the process started?
    Your first step to full access support is by calling Northern Mat & Bridge at 1 (800) 354-4144 or send us a message online. From this point we can discuss your needs and learn more about how we can help. If you already have a good idea of what you are looking for, you can request a quote for your project. From that first inquiry to demobilization of your project, Northern Mat & Bridge will provide you with a turn-key service ensuring that the access portion of your operation runs smooth and hassle-free.