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The Choices We Make Define Us

Responsibility has evolved in the business world. It used to focus solely on profits and productivity, but has since grown to encompass employee quality of life, the community and the environment. Progressive organizations are adopting new responsibilities for the world we operate in, and leading the industry through taking actions to protect what matters most.

Northern Mat and Bridge Corporate Responsibility

It’s a choice to put people first, to take on extra costs to make environmentally-safe products or to build safety and quality programs that are proactive. As we’ve grown into one of the strongest providers of access solutions, we’ve strengthened our commitment to our customers, our people, the community and our world around us. We back this up with corporate programs and community initiatives that focus on creating a positive impact on everything we touch.


Learn about how our quality management system is building longer-lasting, higher-value mat and bridge systems in our pursuit of delivering complete customer satisfaction.


Community Development

Northern Mat and Bridge believes economic and social impact go hand in hand, and we support the numerous charitable causes of local communities.

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Health and Safety

There has always been a strong safety presence at our company, and we’ve continued to invest in equipment, training and research to reach our goal of zero incidents.



We take every opportunity to help protect the environment through nature friendly manufacturing and access solutions that minimize the industry footprint.

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Business Ethics

There is a code to our conduct; read more about the standards to which every person is accountable for from top to bottom in the our organization.



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