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Northern Emergency Access Solutions (NEAS)

Rapid Access Response

Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) is an independent group of Northern Mat & Bridge specifically designed to minimize the environmental impacts caused by industrial accidents and natural disasters. We have strategically-placed inventory throughout the country in order to guarantee quicker response times which, in turn, provides better protection of the environment, minimizes public scrutiny and decreases production down-time.

We understand the impacts industrial emergencies can have on public safety, the environment, production and – ultimately – the bottom line. Our organization is positioned to provide fast response and help companies reduce the environmental and public damage of hazardous breaks, spills and natural disasters. Similar to a medical Emergency Response Plan (ERP) which reduces response time and can help to save a life, having an environmental ERP can have direct impacts on quicker containment and clean-up which minimizes negative impacts on the environment. Every hour saved in such environmental situations can save an unmentionable amount of plants, animals and water.

1-844-354-NEAS (6327)

NEAS specializes in the following environmental emergency situations:


24 Hour Emergency Access Response

When disaster strikes and access is limited, every second is important! The quicker the response, the safer the situation becomes. Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) is an independent group of Northern Mat & Bridge that is specifically designed to provide fast access in times of crisis.


Mat Washing

Having clean matting free of any contaminants is crucial to our clients and because of that Northern Mat & Bridge has become an innovator in mat washing. We’ve worked on fields contaminated with clubroot, a serious soil-borne disease that affects many crops.

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Access Through Sensitive Areas

One of our core values at Northern Mat & Bridge is to set a positive example for environmental protection. Thus our products and services are used to extend operations by granting access to remote areas, soft impassable terrain, protect sensitive land and prevent soil cross contamination.


Low Ground Disturbance Access Solutions

Soil is the foundation of the ecosystem. Made up of organic matter, minerals and living organisms, soil provides the medium in which all our plants grow and gives a habitat to billions of organisms. At Northern Mat & Bridge, our access matting helps protect this sensitive resource from the many industry practices that lead to its degradation.

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