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One of our core values at Northern Mat & Bridge is to set a positive example for environmental protection. Thus, our products and services are used to extend operations by granting access to remote areas, soft, impassable terrain, protecting sensitive land and preventing soil cross contamination.

The Boreal Forest, Rocky Mountains, Prairies and Temperate Coniferous Forests are a few examples of Canada’s vastly diversified land mass. A recent study conducted by Alberta Parks concluded that 45% of the province’s land has Environmental Significance. Protection of Environmentally Significant Areas is crucial for maintaining biological diversity, soil, water and other natural processes. Our Northern Environmental Access Services division can help to minimize the ecological disruption your operation can cause and allows for you to access environmentally-sensitive areas.

Northern Environmental Access Services helps to maintain ecological integrity by protecting:


These areas are greatly beneficial, as they produce oxygen and act as sinks for atmospheric carbon dioxide. An alternative to matting would be to fill these areas in to build a road way which would diminish all positive environmental effects of this landscape type.

Riparian Zones

Mats protect the valuable vegetation that exists alongside of a water source, known as a riparian zone. Riparian areas provide many important eco-system services, such as providing food sources and controlling water temperature; maintaining the integrity of the water’s edge is vital to the health of the plants and animals in these areas.

Fish Bearing Streams

The installation of proper bridges ensures that embankment integrity is kept intact and no sediment or non-native debris enters the water way, thus protecting fish and other aquatic life.

Greater Biodiversity

Environmentally-sensitive areas provide homes for a wide variety of plants and animals, including many species at risk. Using mats and bridges can help to preserve and protect this diversity.


Wildlife Migration Corridors

Animals such as caribou have annual migration routes so it is important to preserve the special grass, plant and lichen vegetation that they rely on for their food source.

Preserving Vegetation and Soil Biota

The use of matting can replace the need for permanent road ways, allowing for a faster and more natural reclamation process.

Minimizing the Spread of Soil-Borne Pathogens and Invasive Species

Not only does matting reduce the contact time between the soil and equipment, by using our sophisticated mat washing machine, you can effectively eliminate the spores that lead to cross contamination.