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Low Ground Disturbance Access Mats Low Ground Disturbance Access Mats Installation
Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) helps to maintain ecological integrity by:

Minimizing Soil Degradation

Matting increases the surface area, resulting in a more even load distribution and minimizing the compaction, rutting, surface erosion and mechanical mixing that can otherwise take place.

Preserving Vegetation and Soil Biota

The use of matting can replace the need for permanent road ways, which means less construction, allowing for a faster and more natural reclamation.


Eliminating Additional Disruption by Gaining Access on Existing Right of Ways

Matting can allow you to drive on sensitive areas, such as pipeline right-of-ways, to reach a destination that might otherwise require building a brand new right-of-way.

Preserving Peat Lands

Matting through bogs and muskeg means that you can access the area you need to reach without causing environmental impact to these important landscapes.

Access Mat Field Pre Installation Post Installation of Access Mats

Soil is the foundation of the ecosystem. Made up of organic matter, minerals and living organisms, soil provides the medium in which all our plants grow and gives a habitat to billions of organisms. At Northern Mat & Bridge, our access matting helps protect this sensitive resource from the many industry practices that lead to its degradation.

Oil and Gas, Transmission and Distribution, Wind Energy and Pipeline are all examples of energy-based industries that rely on construction activities to conduct their business. These industries operate all over Canada, passing through an extensive variety of landscapes. Projects can range from a few hundred metres to hundreds of kilometres.

Specifically, in Northern Alberta, it is common to conduct Pipeline and Oil and Gas operations through farmlands and remote forested areas. These projects have resulted in an extensive network of permanent and temporary back country roads. Almost all of these roads are heavily traveled at some point of their existence, often having to bear the weight of large equipment and transport vehicles. Such travel often can result in adverse effects to the soil such as compaction, rutting, surface erosion and mechanical mixing. Access matting provides an effective solution that significantly helps to reduce the effects that industry has on soil degradation.