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Security in Times of Need

Northern Emergency Access Solutions (NEAS)When disasters strike and access is limited, every second is important. The quicker the response, the safer the situation becomes. Northern Emergency Access Solutions (NEAS) is an independent group that is designed specifically to provide fast access in times of crisis.

We understand the impacts industrial emergencies can have on safety, the environment and production. Our organization is positioned to provide fast response and help companies reduce the damage of hazardous breaks, spills or natural disasters. This means better protection of the environment and less down-time for production. Having worked on numerous pipeline breaks, blowouts, oil leaks, forest fires, floods or weather events, landslides and train derailments, we get containment, cleanup and recovery moving quickly.

Always on call and capable of responding in less than 24 hours, you should always have our number on hand for any emergency access situations.

In case of an emergency, call: 1·800·354·4144

Cheechum Project

Location: Northern Alberta

Scope: Emergency spill located in Northern Alberta

Mission: Respond quickly and efficiently so the customer can avoid more damage and gain access to the spill

Results: Northern Mat & Bridge mobilized within 24 hours to start one of our largest projects yet. With 17,600 access mats placed on multiple access routes within the spill zone. We provided construction and engineering staff with access, so they could assess the scope of work to be determined moving forward; we provided access to areas otherwise inaccessible. With our help the customers were able to assess the rupture and put a stability study and recommendation in place. This project was ongoing for 10 months and projects more work in the future.

Train Derailment

Location: Ontario

Scope: Train derailment 

Mission: Install access mats along the train tracks so the customer can gain access and clean up

Results: NMB received a call at approximately 1:30am Ontario time.  It was from a customer looking for Rigmats for a train derailment in Fort Frances, Ontario. NMB responded by having the requested matting on the road immediately. The next morning the customer called and it was determined they needed 1600m of access. NMB had equipment and personnel to site within 12 hours and hauled 3,000 mats to site in less then 3 days. The grounds were extremely soft and uneven, the D8 cats and 25 ton rock trucks that were being used were getting stuck. The access went from the highway to where the derailment took place, the work area had to be 3-5 mats deep and 4 mats wide to allow access to clean up and salvage. This project went on for over a month, the customer would have spent a longer time trying to get into the derailment if it wasn't for NMB mats and services.

Manitoba Train Derailment

Location: Southern Manitoba

Scope: Train cars jumped the track and derailed, spilling heavy crude oil

Mission: Build crane pads to allow the cranes to sit level in the ditch

Results: Our customer contacted our NEAS team to respond to the train derailment in Gregg, Manitoba. A few of the cars carrying heavy crude oil jumped the track which caused them to derail. Our team responded quickly, we had our dedicated project supervisors and team on the road within minutes. We provided 700 access mats to allow the customer to gain access to the scene and allow equipment and trucks to get there safely. Once the customer arrived to the cars they had to heat up the heavy crude and transfer it to a tanker truck. Without the help of our NEAS team our customer wouldn't have gained access to the scene.