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Access Mats for the Mining Industry

Whether it is oilsands, potash, uranium, precious metals or exploration mining, Northern Mat & Bridge has the access solution that will work for your project. Our access mats, rig mats and crane mats are used in the oilsands for accessing resources, drilling wells, servicing wells and for facility construction and heavy lifting. All of these access products help minimize the footprint left on the environment.

SK Pot Ash Drilling

A continuous potash project in the Lanigan SK area drilling and monitoring wells. Approximately 1000 mats were laid per lease on 2 leases.

Our access mats and portable bridges are vital to exploration programs and allow companies to access areas otherwise impassable and enable them to explore with the use of large equipment.

All matting products are constructed from the highest-quality raw materials and are built strong to stand up against the large construction equipment used in the mining industry. All of our bridge products are designed to withstand large industry loads.

The re-use of all of our matting products allows them to be used on numerous projects. This shared cost model makes them a cost effective access solution.

Custom bridges can be fabricated to meet the needs of the extremely large loads that are sometimes needed in the mining industry. Northern Mat & Bridge has a wide range of matting and bridges for rent or sale.

Let the leaders in access solutions handle your access products and needs.