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The Canadian Wind Energy Industry’s First Quarter Puts Canada 7th in Global Charts


From the West Coast, through the Prairies and onto the East Coast, wind energy is quickly becoming a powerful resource in Canada. It was only last year (2015) that 36 new energy projects were installed in Canada, which totalled 1,506 MW, making Canada the sixth in the world for the amount of capacity, as reported by Canada Wind Energy Association.

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How Canada’s Goal of Reducing its Carbon Footprint Contributes to the Power, Transmission & Distribution Industry Outlook


Canada is in the midst of change when it comes to its electricity infrastructure. Many electricity assets are reaching their expiration dates and need to be replaced, but with the concerns associated with global warming, the impact of our critical electrical infrastructure is certainly being considered.

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Northern Mat & Bridge Recognized by the Alberta Construction Safety Association for Safety Excellence

ACSA Awards

This year the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) recognized Northern Mat and Bridge (NMB) for their outstanding commitment to the health and safety of both their employees and all other employees who work in the construction industry. Read on to find out about the awards the ACSA presented to Northern Mat & Bridge.

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What We Do

About Northern Mat and Bridge

Everyday we complete projects with our purpose and vision in mind. We are extremely proud of the work we do, how safely we are able to conduct operations and the respect with which we interact with the communities where we do business. Want to learn more about Northern Mat & Bridge? Read on to find out more about what we do.

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Our Safety Culture at a Glance

Safety Culture

Northern Mat & Bridge is a true leader when it comes to health and safety in the access solutions industry. If you wonder how we do it, we want to share how everyone works together to make safety our #1 priority. Take a look at how we create a culture of safety at Northern Mat & Bridge.

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How to Choose Access Mats

Selecting Access Mats

Northern Mat & Bridge knows that the selection of access mats can be a complex decision. We want to make the process a lot easier for you with our useful guide which will detail which access mats you should use in different terrains and operational conditions; so you always get the right product to meet the needs of your project.

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Northern Mat & Bridge and the Canadian Pipeline Industry

Remote Pipeline Access Mats

Northern Mat & Bridge has a proud record of working with the pipeline industry throughout Canada and helping these companies to meet their objectives and goals. Learn how we help the Canadian pipeline industry.

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A Day in the Life of an Operator at Northern Mat & Bridge

Access Mat Delivery and Installation

Have you ever been curious about another person's career? We know you are and want to know what about a day in the life of an employee at Northern Mat & Bridge. We asked Henry Barder, a heavy equipment operator for our company, and he was glad to tell our visitors all about his job.

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Northern Mat & Bridge Pays it Forward

Northern Mat and Bridge Touque

On a frigid winter day in Montreal, a reporter was filming a social experiment set up to record reactions to a homeless teenager. They wanted to find out if people would stop and help a young man in such a dire situation. The teenage boy, who was only posing as homeless, watched hopelessly as people walked by ignoring him.

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Meet Your Local Experts - Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

Jeff Grycan

People are the backbone of any business. At Northern Mat & Bridge we are not afraid to say that we have some amazing talent working for our customers. They have been responsible for the growth our business, and made it a success. We want you to meet the local experts that serve the community of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

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