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The Matador Mat Washing System

Access Mat Washing Infographic

Industry knows proper equipment cleaning prevents the establishment – and minimizes the spread – of environmental contamination. And in challenging working conditions, underneath their machinery lay our high-quality access mats (also known as mud mats).

Until recently, the only method for cleaning access/mud matting was manually with a pressure washer. Researching an effective and efficient way to wash mud mats, we discovered a standard technology on the market. Although this mat washing machine is able to provide a consistency you cannot achieve with manual washing, it is basic and has many limitations.

Understanding these limitations, we sat down with a group of engineers and came up with a unique design to wash mud mats to the highest standard. Our cleaning technology is by far more efficient and effective than anything else out there.

The Matador mat washing system can take loads of six mud mats at one time, giving one operator time to do both the loading and unloading. After the mats have been loaded they are shifted into a vertical orientation so that the water and gravity can work together for the most efficient clean possible. There is the option to choose the speed the mat will run through the wash cycle, based on how clean or dirty each mud mat may be. If a mud mat comes through a wash cycle and isn’t clean, the machine has the option to reverse and pass it through again.

Inside The Matador contains a series of powerful washing nozzles and brushes designed specifically to get in the grooves of the access/mud mat. After thorough testing we were able to determine the perfect volume to pressure ratio, allowing the access mats to be cleaned more effectively than anything else on the market. Once clean, spray nozzles mist the entire mat with a biocide solution which sanitizes any microbial residue.

All cleaning takes place in a self-contained unit. Having an enclosed system allows for better management of the large volumes of water needed for mat cleaning, which is captured and filtered to recycle it back into the system. Both these features reduce water consumption and vacuum truck costs which are associated with an open system. Lastly, our machine is 100 per cent portable and the entire system including water and solid systems can be transported in five loads. Having the ability to bring the unit to a specific location greatly reduces hauling time and associated costs.

We’ve thought the whole life cycle of access matting through. We’re confident our machinery, methods and training are first-in-class. As the acknowledged leader in mat access solutions, we ensure we’re doing more for you than the other guys. For more info on the Matador mat cleaning system, contact us.

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