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Innovating Access in Grande Prairie and Beyond

Northern Mat & Bridge operates in the heartland of industrial activity in the province of Alberta. We believe in being engaged and plugged in to the local community of Grande Prairie and building off of the deep hands on knowledge that we gain from living and working in the area. Our customers have experienced many benefits from the innovations that are a result of our company being so near and tuned into the needs of the customers that use our services.

Muskeg Mats

Innovation #1: Our Expertise in Operating in Muskeg

Northern Mat & Bridge has extensive knowledge of working in Muskeg. Muskeg is a wetland area that is environmentally fragile, and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna that need to be protected. Our familiarity with the wetlands around the Grande Prairie area has helped us develop ­­innovations in access mat production that allow companies to work in these zones, while reducing their impact on the land. Northern Mat & Bridge makes it a priority to be leaders in working in Muskeg.

-We’ve become experts in access mat installation methods in wetland areas.

-Our customers don’t have to build access roads over sensitive Muskeg land.­

-Our access mats are less invasive and easy to set up and remove than ever before.

-We keep informed and compliant with all of the wetland policies and legislation in Alberta.

Matador Mat Washing Machine

Innovation #2: Our Mat Washing Machine

Northern Mat & Bridge has developed pioneering technology in washing access mats. Our Matador vertical mat washer is a huge improvement on manual washing and horizontal mat washers that have been used in the past. These methods take a lot of time, labor and are not nearly as effective at removing organic substances to prevent cross-contamination. Our Matador vertical mat washer is state-of-the-art because:

-You can load up to 6 mats a time.

-It has variable speed and timings.

-It can move in both directions for flexible loading options.

-The washer has multiple brushes for even mat coverage.

-You can use variety of disinfectant products to sanitize mats.

-The machine has an enclosed water system.

-It is portable and can be moved easily between sites.

Northern Mat and Bridge Head Office

Innovation #3: Our Head Office

Our head office takes the responsibility of protecting the environment seriously. Northern Mat & Bridge is exceptionally proud of our energy efficient building and has installed the most contemporary energy saving features.

-High-efficiency smart lighting

-Water and energy-conserving sensor taps

-Dual flushing water-reducing toilets

-Energy-efficient hand dryers

-Grey water cycling system

Northern Mat and Bridge Access Mat Yard

Innovation #4: Our Second Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is cutting edge in the industry. We don't simply lay the mats for our customers, this facility allows us to manufacture custom access mats in-house. It gives us control over the assembly process and helps us respond quickly to customer needs. Producing our own access mats places us as leaders in the access mat industry because:

-We can determine the needs of local customers in the Grande Prairie region and make products that they require.

-We can source materials locally and know the condition of nearby forests.

-We can control the manufacturing process with high standards and inspect them afterwards.

-We can better organize transportation for finished products.

When you become a customer of Northern Mat & Bridge and discover the advantages that our innovative nature will bring to your projects. Contact us as 1 (800) 354-4144 to discover more about what we're doing to improve our service.

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