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Delivery & Ease of Access Guarentee

Northern Mat & Bridge understands that business moves at a blistering pace these days. You have projects to finish and deadlines to meet. That's why we strive to provide the most efficient service possible to customers all across Canada and the United States with our Delivery and Ease of Access Guarantee. Here's how we do it:

Access Mat Installation and Placement

Our Network of Yards and Service Offices

Northern Mat & Bridge has a Head Office in Grande Prairie, and a second Alberta office located in Calgary. We currently have three offices in British Columbia; one in Dawson Creek, one in Fort St. John and one in Fort Nelson, with plans to expand our reach to Prince George, Kitimat and surrounding regions. Our office in Camsak acts as the hub for the Prairie region, serving our yards throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our Toronto and Quebec offices serve all the regions throughout Eastern Canada. In total we have over 30 yards that span across Canada. 8 of our yards are in Alberta alone and our Grande Prairie office is the hub for activity for and impact on growing industries in the province. In addition, 10 of our yards are located less than 75 miles from the American boarder with easy access to states such as; Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and more.

Access Mat Installation

Our Extensive Fleet of Heavy Construction Equipment

Our company has the largest fleet of heavy construction equipment in Canada. This allows us to have plenty of equipment at the times when we are needed by our customers. We have excavators, loaders, and tractor trailers to move, haul and get the work done. Our maintenance team make sure that our modern fleet is well looked after and running flawlessly. We don't want your project interrupted because of machine breakdowns.

Access Mat Installation Equipment

Our Experienced, Highly Competent Employees

At Northern Mat & Bridge we want the most capable and skilled people working for us. All of our personnel from our CEO, to the employees that make our access mats and bridges, the drivers that get them where they need to be, and the people that install them on site, are skilled in the execution of their jobs. They make it their highest priority to do their part in making the products we use and your experience with us the best it can be.

Access Mat Truck

Our Transportation and Logistics Capabilities

Our transportation department works extremely hard to make sure that orders for access mats, rig mats, crane mats, and bridges are delivered quickly to our customers. We make it happen with our innovative and powerful inventory system that tracks where orders need to go. Our responsible drivers and numerous tractor trailers also help us move stock efficiently from one of over 30 yards out to our customers.

Do you have a tight timeline for your project? Reach out now to Northern Mat & Bridge by calling us at 1 (800) 354-4144, or reach out to us via website messaging and we can support you in meeting that deadline.

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