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Meet Your Local Experts - Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

People are the backbone of any business. At Northern Mat & Bridge we are not afraid to say that we have some amazing talent working for our customers. They have been responsible for the growth our business, and made it a success. We want you to meet the local experts that serve the community of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Chad Holonics Northern Mat and Bridge

Meet Chad Holonics (Sales Manager)

Chad was hired on with Northern Mat & Bridge in 2008. He was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and he received his degree in Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography and Land Use and Environmental Studies in 1996 from the University of Saskatchewan. He has spent the last 15 years in sales and has developed a thorough knowledge base of the access mat industry. He brings a depth of expertise to our organization, along with a true understanding of a client’s requirements and how Northern Mat & Bridge can assist their business.

Chad's role is valuable to customers in the Grande Prairie region because:

-He keeps sales staff informed on the products and services Northern Mat & Bridge has to offer.

-He ensures his sales team knows how to match customers with the solutions what they need.

-His sales staff act as liaisons between customers and the rest of the company.

Trina Osmond Northern Mat and Bridge

Meet Trina Osmond (Controller)

Trina came to Northern Mat & Bridge in 2012 from the Northwest Territories. She’s originally from Newfoundland; and completed her Certified General Accounting degree at Memorial University. Trina has previously worked as the CFO for a medium sized construction company, so she has experience in a similar industry. She has an amazing attention to detail in managing an accounting team of 12 people here at Northern Mat & Bridge.

Trina’s role impacts customers in the Grande Prairie area because:

-She ensures that her team stays up-to-date with accounting best practices.

-She is meticulous with keeping our finances in order.

-She makes sure customers are invoiced correctly.

Blair James Northern Mat and Bridge

Meet Blair James (Maintenance Manager)

Blair is a proud Grande Prairie local. He has been working in the oil and gas industry ever since he was ticketed as a heavy duty mechanic in 2006. Blair manages a maintenance team of 9 people. They are responsible for the upkeep of more than 40 truck-trailer combos, over 100 pick-up trucks, and 75 pieces of yellow-iron equipment. Blair has a reputation for being a perfectionist. He’ll admit that every item in our fleet looks great and works properly.

Blair’s role is helpful to customers in the Grande Prairie region because:

-He maintains the highest standards in maintenance schedules.

-He ensures the equipment is ready to work the moment we get a call and our company can respond quickly.

-He prevents delays in service due to equipment break downs.

Jeff Grycan Northern Mat and Bridge

Meet Jeff Grycan (­Operations Manager)

Jeff began working at Northern Mat & Bridge in 2008. He’s originally from Nelson B.C. and has 12 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Jeff worked his way up at Northern Mat & Bridge from a truck driver, to an equipment operator, he became a field supervisor, then a superintendent, and he’s now our ­Operations Manager. Jeff manages a team of approximately 100 people which includes truck drivers, equipment operators, and superintendents. He’s passionate about his job and the access mat industry.

Jeff’s role is important to customers in the Grande Prairie area because:

-He is customer oriented and wants to exceed the expectations of every patron.

-He has knowledge about nearly every aspect of the company.

-He holds people accountable for providing outstanding service.

Derek Walterhouse Northern Mat and Bridge

Meet Derek Walterhouse (Transportation Manager)

Derek moved to Grande Prairie from Ontario in 2006 and was hired as a driver at Northern Mat & Bridge in 2011. His 22 years of experience in the transportation industry started as a heavy hauler for the steel industry, and Derek is currently our Transportation Manager. In this position, he manages approximately 50 employees and more than 200 sub-contractors. Derek is responsible for keeping all of these people up-to-date with trucking industry standards and regulations. He has worked closely with our HSE department to help develop best practices and training methods for our transportation staff.

Derek’s role is essential to the customers in the Grande Prairie region because:

-His job is to oversee the efficient and smooth transport of equipment to sites in the region.

-He ensures drivers are qualified and well-trained.

-He has a wealth of knowledge about the regulations and standards in the trucking industry.

Kelly Winter Northern Mat and Bridge

Meet Kelley Winter (HSE Manager)

Kelley began working for Northern Mat & Bridge in 2011 as an HSE Coordinator, she has since become our HSE manager. She's from Yellowknife, and says that she pursued an Occupational Health and Safety diploma and an OSHA Manager certification because she is passionate about making people's life better through health and safety education. That's also why you'll find her volunteering on the Grande Prairie Regional Safety Committee, The Peace Region Steps for Life, and the Grande Prairie Safe Communities Board of Directors when she isn't engrossed in leading her HSE team of 5 employees. Kelley is dedicated to limiting impacts on the environment, our employees, and our clients by being diligent (yet realistic) in the expectation to provide a safe, healthy working environment.

Kelley’s role is significant to customers in the Grande Prairie area because:

-She is committed to keeping our worksites safe.

-She ensures employees are trained in safety regulations.

-She makes sure safety incidents are dealt with promptly.

If you are looking for an access mat, or bridge solution call Northern Mat & Bridge at 1 (800) 354-4144, or send us a message and our local Grande Prairie experts are ready to get to work for you!

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