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Northern Mat & Bridge and the Canadian Pipeline Industry

Northern Mat and Bridge Pipeline Access

Northern Mat & Bridge has a proud record of working with the pipeline industry throughout Canada and helping these companies to meet their objectives and goals. We can assist pipeline companies to overcome their substantial challenges with accessing isolated, untamed areas. This enables pipelines to be built where they will have the least impact on human populations; while protecting the environment and First Nations traditional land use areas.

Swamps, Marshes, Muskeg? Swamp Mats Help Overcome Rough Terrain

If you have ever walked a pipeline right-of-way you probably understand some of the challenges pipeline companies must consider when planning a route for their projects. More often than not, pipelines in Canada have to traverse through rugged territory, environmentally sensitive areas and even bodies of water, all of which can cause major obstacles for these projects. Northern Mat & Bridge is extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to working on pipeline projects in remote and impassable locations. Bogs, Fens, Marshes, you name it, our swamp mats can assist you with getting through all of the challenging terrain you might encounter throughout the untouched wilderness.

Northern Mat Provides Temporary Access to Help the Construction Phase of Pipelines

When constructing a pipeline, the permit of your right-of-way only allows for temporary work-space. This means that pipeline companies are not able to build permanent structures such as road ways to access the area along side of their trenches. In many cases the terrain you are working in will be too soft to drive your equipment over or the land may need to be protected for environmentally sensitive reasons such as: cultivated farm fields, First Nations Traditional Land Use Areas, Golf Courses and different types of wetlands. Northern Mat & Bridge provides access matting solutions which allow you to move across the construction area without developing roads; providing platforms for workers and equipment that are constructing the pipeline. If your pipeline project passes through challenging terrain, we can assist you with temporary access matting and bridge solutions that will allow you to complete your project in a timely manner.

Northern Mat Provides Access over Pipeline Crossings

Did you know that if laid end-to-end, there are enough underground natural gas and liquids pipelines to circle the Earth approximately 20 times at the equator? Thinking about that, you should now realize that when constructing a pipeline, companies are not only faced with terrestrial challenges, they also have to consider what is happening below the earth's surface. In order to maintain the integrity of existing pipelines, it is extremely important for construction companies to provide protection over every pipeline crossing they encounter. Depending on whose pipeline it is and their crossing specifications, protection can be provided by using rig mats, wooden access mats, or a combination of both. At Northern Mat & Bridge, we have the knowledge, expertise, high quality products and tools to ensure that your pipeline construction project will not experience any delays due to pipeline crossings.

Pipeline Access Mats

Northern Mat provides access for the Inspection and Maintenance Phase of Pipelines

Pipelines are harshly criticized when there is a leak or a failure. That's why it's extremely important that pipelines are inspected and repaired regularly. Northern Mat & Bridge is involved in many pipeline integrity projects by providing temporary access roads and bridges, so that maintenance crews can access pipelines.

At Northern Mat & Bridge, we have taken our commitment to pipeline safety one step further by developing an environmental access solutions division. Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) provides emergency 24 hour service through our emergency access hot-line 1-844-354-NEAS (6327). If your pipeline breaks or springs a leak, our NEAS crews are available 24/7 to provide fast access so that you minimize impact social and environmental impacts.

Northern Mat's State of the Art Mat Washing Machine Helps with Environmental Protection

Linear projects such as pipelines can often pass through many sensitive land types. As stewards for the land we want to make sure that we are doing our best to minimize our environmental footprint in the areas where we operate. By using our temporary access products, we can help you reduce the environmental impact of your pipeline operation. Access matting helps reduce damage to the soil such as; rutting, compaction, and mechanical mixing that can occur during industrial projects. In addition, we have developed an innovative access mat washing machine called, 'The Enviro-Wash 2000: Matador' which helps to minimize the spread of organic materials that can be passed from site-to-site. By working with Northern Mat & Bridge, your company can demonstrate its commitment to safe guarding the environment.

Northern Mat & Bridge has many successful long term partnerships with pipeline companies throughout Canada. If you are a pipeline company and are currently not working with us, call us at 1 (800) 354-4144 or you can send us a message through our website. We will work together to help you overcome all of the access challenges you will face throughout any phase of your pipeline project.

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