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Our Safety Culture at a Glance

Northern Mat and Bridge Safety Culture

How Do We Keep Everyone in the Company Safe?

A culture of safety is achieved when we all work together and take responsibility for our own part, while still looking out for each other while we are at work.

A Committed HSE Team

  • 6 full-time HSE professionals.
  • Promote, educate and support safety efforts.
  • Provides safety equipment to the work site.
  • Conduct behaviour based observations of employees and site operations.

A Comprehensive Training Program

  • Vigourous 2 week training program for all operators
  • Aligned with all provincial regulations and our client's safety best practices.
  • Continuous safety training and courses throughout the year

We Empower Our Employees

  • We encourage communication on our work sites.
  • Supervisors, HSE teams and crews continually identify and update the ever changing work site safety hazards
  • Collaborate with all employees for a dynamic approach to safety.

We Conduct Diligent Investigations

  • Northern Mat & Bridge takes safety incidents seriously. We always conduct a vigorous investigation to prevent future occurrences.
  • Notification: A supervisor or HSE Coordinator will send out an email notifying all departments and the Management team of the initial incident, as soon as the emergency has been deemed safe and any injuries are addressed, the investigations starts.
  • Separate investigations: We engage the supervisors on site, who are also trained in investigations and are required to complete a separate investigation from the HSE team to ensure the diligence of all team members and determine their actions for preventing and the response to the incidents.
  • Discussion: We then confer and document statements with all people who may have been involved with the incident and determine the cause of the incident using a causation analysis process.
  • Corrective Action: The entire team (Including employees, contractors, all divisions affected, or involved such as maintenance, operations, and sales) are informed of the incident and the corrective actions to ensure the incident does not become a widespread issue.
  • Incident Analysis: The investigations delve deeply into various histories of employees and the overall site. Depending on the incident the supervisor and HSE team may review equipment maintenance files, training, coaching, levels of experience, driving behavior, engineering controls and many other factors to ensure the incident is not a systemic problem and that the corrective actions will prevent further safety incidents.
  • Continuous Improvement: We provide thorough education and coaching to our employees.

That's how everyone goes home safe at the end of every day and every project.

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