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What We Do

About Northern Mat and Bridge

Northern Mat & Bridge is Canada’s largest fully integrated, turn-key access solutions company. Offering a complete suite of matting and temporary bridge products, mat and equipment washing services and environmental emergency response access; we are your one stop shop.

Our Purpose

At Northern Mat & Bridge our passion is access. We strive to be the energy industries site access experts and therefore we are continuously looking for ways to do things better. This process starts in our mat manufacturing facilities where we constantly introduce new, more efficient technologies and techniques. This forward and out of the box thinking continues on through all other aspects of our business, be it safety, delivery, installation, Aboriginal Relations or environmental protection. With innovation comes increased inefficiencies. As a result, our access products and services are designed to help you to reduce costs and eliminate downtime by extending working seasons, increasing site safety and reducing your environmental footprint. At Northern Mat & Bridge, we are 100% dedicated to helping our clients and protecting the environment through access solutions.

Our Mission

To safely deliver the most cost effective site access solutions.

What We Do

Northern Mat & Bridge offers a wide range of access products, each uniquely suited to the environment and workload. Our wooden access mats are constructed at our specialized manufacturing facilities using ethical and environmentally responsible wood sources. With 100% automated technology, we ensure each mat is made with precision and accuracy.

Our all-steel portable bridges are the ultimate in easy to transport and set-up access solutions. They are light-weight, strong and offer unparalleled maneuverability, requiring minimal excavation in order to expedite any operation. Whether you require access mats, rig mats, crane mats or portable bridge solutions, NMB provides top-quality, consistent products which deliver safe and sturdy support, holding capacity, and resistance to adverse weather conditions while minimizing environmental impacts.

Safety — Our #1 Priority

Our business is based on giving the environment the respect it deserves while industrial activity is successfully completed. We put the same care and attention into our people by implementing first-in-class Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) programs. Our HSE staff proactively seeks out emerging best practices so they can be adopted and integrated into our safety culture. As a result, every member of our staff receives comprehensive safety training that is set well above industry standards. In working conditions which can be inherently hazardous, anything less would not reflect our deep commitment to our people and the environment.

Respect For Indigenous Communities

At NMB, we understand and respect indigenous knowledge, cultures, territories and traditional practices. As a result, we have developed numerous sustainable and equitable partnerships and business practices which benefit our community partners.

Environmental Access Services

Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) is a division of Northern Mat & Bridge that is designed specifically to prepare your company for accessing sensitive terrain, such as farmlands and native grasslands, as well as responding to environmental emergencies. Being prepared allows you to minimize environmental impacts that heavy machinery can have on the soil. It also allows you to reduce the environmental and public damage of hazardous breaks, spills, train derailments and natural disasters; in-turn avoiding costly down-time.


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