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Understanding our Carbon Footprint – Northern Mat & Bridge Partners with EcoAmmo

Calling yourself “Green” or “Sustainable” doesn’t mean very much if you can’t back up your claims with some hard facts. Over the past decade “Green Washing” has become a very common practice in company marketing.

Carbon Footprint Info Graphic

Companies will add irrelevant or vague claims to their products and services that at first glance seem important but really add no value to anyone’s environmental mission. You’ll also see many companies promoting “green” practices that only represent a tiny percentage of their generally “not-so-green” activities. They do it to improve their company image for personal gain rather than focusing on what’s really important… you know… the environment!

To strengthen Northern Mat & Bridge’s honest commitment to the environment, we have paired up with a company called EcoAmmo. Northern Mat & Bridge’s environmental team are now working with EcoAmmo on a company wide audit to provide a measurement of our carbon footprint. We’re lifting rugs and checking in every nook and cranny of our company so that we can better understand the impact we are having on our world. Moving forward, we will be using this information and feedback to correct areas of our business where we may be falling short, and improve even the areas where we are already solid.

Northern Mat & Bridge is committing to reducing its carbon footprint, and we are looking forward to sharing the journey with you. Check back for carbon footprint updates courtesy of Northern Mat & Bridge and EcoAmmo!

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