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An Involved and Invested Member of our Communities

At Northern Mat & Bridge we are striving to be more than what our name describes. We are so much more than just mats & bridges; we are a company that is a part of a global community.  When our team comes to work each day, it is with a dedication to ensure that every step we take forward in our business is also a step forward for environmental conservation and community development.  Not only do we want our business to avoid damaging the world, we want to better our world for future generations! We want to be leaders, and show other companies that no matter what their business is, they too can achieve great things for our communities.

When it comes to philanthropic leaders, people tend not to give industrial companies like ours much thought; the main focus tends to lie with admittedly remarkable individuals such as Bill Gates, who uses a large portion of his Microsoft profits to wipe out malaria, or stylish companies like TOMS striving to outfit naked feed world-wide with their buy one donate one business model.  By providing high quality access solutions, and by being the best at what we do, we earn the power and resources we need to support the things we love.

Northern Mat & Bridge wants to invite other industrial companies everywhere to join us in doing some good in the world. Your company may not have the strength to take on wiping out an entire disease, but you are stronger than you think, and you have the potential to build your community and make it great.

Scroll down to check out just a few of Northern Mat & Bridge’s most recent charitable efforts!

NMB is supporting the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Grande Prairie by being a champagne sponsor for an upcoming event.

Northern Mat & Bridge has committed to supporting the Community Foundation. The Foundation invests in a variety of ways in building communities and developing relationships with not only the community, but with individuals and their families. They work with many partners to achieve their goals which include charities, non-profits, government, businesses, media, academic institutions, and many other sources. We have eagerly become a ‘Forever’ sponsor for the Gala event. Our donation helped raise over $135,000 for the 12th annual Gala & Auction in September.

Northern Mat & Bridge aims to get everyone one home safely. Not just our employees, but the people that our employees come in contact with. We strive to demonstrate our commitment to our safety goals. We have received recognition to this commitment and our dedication to raising awareness about the dangers & Consequences of distracted driving.


Northern Mat & Bridge likes to support events and charities that mean something to them. We had the opportunity to show our support for an important and fun event to help stop bullying. The event set out to break the world record for the longest lemonade stand and successfully made the Guinness World Record of over 1500 feet of lemonade stands. The event raised over $182,000. Dare to Care is the largest Bully prevention program in Canada, and includes programs for schools and communities throughout Canada.

The Dare to Care Program Provides:

  • Innovative and grade appropriate student days for Kindergarten through Gr. 12
  • Support and education for parents.
  • Extensive professional development for teachers, support staff, and administration.
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