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Winter Safety Tips – Walk like a Penguin

Ice and snow are winter realities Canadians face every year. We’re born on the ice, we grow up on the ice, and we inevitably slip, fall, and become bruised on the ice. Don’t scoff, it’s happened to each and every one of us at some point in our lives, and overconfidence when walking on the ice can yield injuries and Tim Horton’s soaked clothing. Northern Mat & Bridge wants to take a few minutes to remind its employees, as well as their friends and families just HOW you should be walking out there.

Winter Safety Tips
  • Choose footwear that will provide you with traction on snow and ice.
    Adding “Yak Trax” to your footwear is a great way to give yourself some extra grip on those truly treacherous days.
  • Plan ahead and think about the best route to your destination before proceeding. Be sure to watch for hidden objects under the snow.
  • Beware of "black ice" and slippery conditions on surfaces that have been cleared. Water vapor can freeze on cold surfaces and form an extra-thin, nearly invisible layer of ice that can look like a wet spot on the pavement. It often shows up early in the morning or in areas that are shaded from the sun.
  • Make sure that any approaching vehicles have come to a complete stop before moving in front of them.
  • Make your steps (strides) small. Shuffle like a penguin, while keeping your centre of gravity over your front leg.
  • Never run on slippery surfaces. Walk slowly and keep both hands out of your pockets.
  • Use three points of contact at all times when mounting and dismounting vehicles and equipment. This means ensuring that you have either two hands and 1 foot, or two feet and one hand firmly planted at all times.
  • Clear your steps on your equipment.
  • Avoid carrying heavy objects in slippery conditions. If you must move a heavy item, try using a dolly or cart to aid your movements.
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