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Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS)

When industrial accidents and natural disasters occur, being able to respond quickly and effectively is essential to minimizing impacts and damages. With Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS), a dedicated sector devoted to quick response to emergency situations, we have the ability to provide more than 200 kilometers of access, more than 300 portable bridges, experienced crews and a modern fleet of mat moving equipment on very short notice. We also use sophisticated tracking software, making us the first call on our customers’ Emergency Response Plans.

Last May, our crews received a call at 1:30 a.m. from a customer who needed rig mats for a train derailment in Fort Frances, Ontario. Northern Mat and Bridge responded immediately, and had personnel, equipment and 3,000 access mats mobilized within 12 hours. Access was needed from a nearby highway to the wreckage site. Caterpillar D8s and 25-ton rock trucks tried to drive to the site before we were able to provide access and got stuck. In less than three days, we provided full access to the site by installing swamp mats four wide and between three and five deep. The project lasted more than a month and by installing the mats, we were able to save the customer a significant amount of time, by giving them reliable access to the wreckage.

It’s events like that derailment that makes our environmental and emergency services so important to us. We were able to have a positive impact on our customer, the community and the environment, which makes our company and industry very proud.

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