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Get Your Mud Mats in Time for Spring Break Up

It’s that time of year again, the sun is shining, the snow is melting and we are all getting excited to swap our sleds out for boating season. No you aren’t dreaming, spring is just around the corner! A few years back, the spring thaw would have everyone gearing down for break-up. However, thanks to the increasing popularity of oil-field matting, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of production down-time caused from seasonal road bans and poor ground conditions.

access mats and mud mats by NMB
NMB crane mats, rig mats and oilfield matting

Don’t waste another minute and call Northern Mat and Bridge immediately to get your rig mats, crane mats and access mats. By being pro-active and getting your swamp mats on the ground now, you will avoid shutdown and increase the overall safety of your site.


  • Cost Savings – 75% road bans reduces haul loads, which ends up significantly increasing your trucking costs.
  • Access Insurance – Slick, muddy roads are notorious for causing accidents and getting equipment stuck. Oilfield matting is a simple solution to these problems. Installing matting provides access insurance, keeping workers safe and operational while avoiding mud related down-time. Bottom line: access matting equals huge project cost savings!
  • Safety – Slippery and unven muddy roads caused from freeze, thaw cycles can make work conditions treacherous. Avoid unnecessary accidents by having your rig and access mats installed sooner in the season rather than later.
  • Fatigue Management – Road bans equals night shifts. Working night shift has shown to cause an increase of sleep debt, leading to an increased risk of errors, accidents and injuries
  • Ground Insulation – Mats that are laid before the snow melt act as an excellent insulator by reflecting sunlight and keeping frost in the ground. This is beneficial as it helps to maintain ground stability and extend the life of your project by weeks or even months.
  • Environment - Matting increases the surface area you operate on, resulting in a more even load distribution. The effect greatly minimizes your footprint on the environment with noticeably less aftereffects on the terrain. Reducing environmental impact such as such as rutting, erosion and mechanical mixing that leads to soil degradation.

Northern Mat and Bridge is here to provide you with the most cost effective site access solutions. Call   1-800-354-4144 today and let our matting services minimize incidents and rig shutdowns and allow you to finish your projects on time and on budget.

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