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NMB Safety Stand Down Blog

In order to make Northern Mat and Bridge the industry leader in access matting solutions, we put forward a best-in-class safety program. One component of this program is a yearly workshop called Safety Stand Down. This year, for the 6th annual Safety Stand Down, Northern Mat and Bridge is focusing on the importance of leadership, communication and working together as a team. Members of the HSE team, Executives and Managers have been traveling to meet with their crews across Canada to talk about these key points.

NMB Safety Stand Down Workshop
Safety First, More than Just Access Mats and Bridges

The entire Northern Mat and Bridge workforce, including managers, supervisors and employees take part in the two-day training events, split into training and awareness. The first day covered Team Building, Risk Tolerance and Management, Stress and Healthy Living. Day 2 focused on Communication skills, Blind Spot and Power Line Spotting, Installing Safety Culture and Managing Fatigue.

Northern Mat and Bridge Safety Sand Down

It is important that NMB stays connected to their employees and this outstanding event really helps to achieve that connection. Safety Stand Down is a place that not only harbours learning and awareness, it also gives our leadership teams the opportunity to share upcoming initiatives and projects. In return, it gives our employees a chance to interact, provide feedback and reflect on the lessons we have learnt as a whole.

NMB Team - Rig Mats and Crane Mats

When dealing with swamp mats, rig mats, crane mats and bridges it is crucial to have direct access and understanding of legislation, laws, and company/ client compliance rules and expectations and this is what Safety Stand Down delivers to our organization. Visit for more information on Northern Mat and Bridge’s safety and matting excellence.

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