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The Biggest Loser Challenge

The Biggest Loser Challenge

Last Month our CEO Darren Francis and a few dedicated fitness junkies came up with the idea to start up a Northern Mat & Bridge: The Biggest Loser Fitness Challenge. This 12-week journey, which includes boot camp at VO2 Max two days a week, fat testing, measurements, before and after pictures and nutritional coaching has all been generously funded by Northern Mat & Bridge! From Darren’s perspective, “this is simply another investment in you, our people; no different than any other form of training or personal development we would support. Healthy Body = Healthy Mind.”

At the start of the challenge we emptied the pop, pepperoni and sugary snacks from our staff kitchen and replaced it with fruit, veggies and protein powder! The buzz around the office now not only includes talking wood fibre and access mats but dietary fibre and most pounds/inches lost.

To date, we've had a combined weight loss of 131.3 lbs and 402.8 inches!

To all Northern Mat & Bridge Biggest Loser participants, Darren says, “Congratulations for your results thus far. I have no doubt that the next six weeks of commitment will produce life changing health and fitness transformations”

We are all thrilled with the comradery and increased energy levels this challenge has brought on so far and are excited to continue our fitness and healthy lifestyle journey. From all the Northern Mat & Bridge Biggest Loser participants, we would like to give a huge thank you to Darren and our Executive Team!

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