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Why You Should Not Cut Swamp Mats from Your Budget

Access Insurance Umbrella

With the falling price of oil and increasing project cuts and layoffs, it’s impossible to deny that things in the oil and gas sector are shifting. Financial results from the second quarter show continued budget pullbacks, leaving companies pinching pennies wherever possible. During these tight times, it is easy to believe that eliminating the use of access/swamp/mud mats is a quick way to save money; however, this way of thinking could end up costing you more in the long run.

At Northern Mat & Bridge, access matting is more than just a wooden roadway or pad; it is access insurance. Just as you wouldn’t drive to work without car insurance, why would you start your project without access insurance? Being proactive and incorporating access matting into your project from the start creates substantial savings when you think of the costly downtime you will be able to avert.

The need for access insurance has steadily increased in recent years; especially as seasonal weather patterns have become so variable. This year will be no exception. According to the 2015 Farmer’s Almanac’s long-range weather predictions, the August and September forecasts are calling for intervals of wet weather in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

When you’re forecasting your next project, think twice before you make a decision on access matting and remember that access insurance is the smart choice to safeguard against delays, injury, damage and liabilities.

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