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Sharing Knowledge and Experience in Vancouver

Clean Pacific Conference 2015

When working in the oil and gas sector, environmental releases – although unfortunate – are a bleak reality. Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) is a division of Northern Mat & Bridge which specializes in responding to environmental emergencies. During the month of June, members of our NEAS team went to Vancouver, BC to take part in the Clean Pacific Conference.

The conference covered a wide range of prevention, preparedness and response topics, focusing on the growth in crude oil transportation across the West. It was a great opportunity for like-minded industry professionals to get together and talk about what we actions we are taking to confront important oil spill response industry issues.

During the conference, we had the opportunity to discuss the advantages of emergency access using mud/swamp mats and creating emergency access preparedness plans with many key players in the oil spill response industry. Having worked on countless train derailments, pipeline breaks/leaks, floods and more, we were excited to share our successes and discuss our challenges. We look forward to working together with our new partners on our proactive approach to minimizing the impacts of environmental incidents.

Clean Pacific Conference 2015
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