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Canada's Healthy Workplace Month for October

Canada Healthy Workplace

Access mats (aka mud mats), rig mats and bridges are the obvious talk at Northern Mat & Bridge. However, that all changed this spring when Darren Francis, our president and CEO, came up with an idea to challenge the Grande Prairie office to a Northern Mat & Bridge fitness contest. Since then, along with the usual mat and bridge chatter, we now often talk squats, kettlebell swings and nutrition.

To continue with this theme, we are pleased to announce that we have registered with Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month for October. As participants, we’re broadening our knowledge for living a healthy lifestyle and share that information with all of our employees and their families.

Over the next month, we will team up with the Public Health Initiative in the Peace Region and we will be hosting learning opportunities surrounding various topics, such as quitting smoking, active lifestyles, preventing and detecting illnesses, managing stress and maintaining a positive attitude. These will be announced at the beginning of every week, and will be broadcasted through Skype so everyone who is interested can participate, including your partners and children.

Throughout the month we will also be sending out reminders and healthy living ideas including encouragement to undertake professional development, take breaks, move around, stretch, start walking 30 minutes a day, etc. To help implement these healthy habits, we have turned Fridays into Fun Fridays, giving us the opportunity to break up the day with a fun scheduled activity. The first Friday of this month was a candid game of Pictionary. This Friday, the Operations team has challenged the transportation team to a ball hockey tournament!

The goal of the month is to introduce education, boost morale, have some fun and be a healthier workplace across Canada. We look forward to seeing the positive changes that this challenge will undoubtedly bring. Stay tuned for our progress in Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month!

Canada Healthy Workplace
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