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Working in Toronto

Toronto Access Mats

When people think of access mats, they often think that they are only used for oilfield purposes. However, this notion could not be further from the truth. Don’t get us wrong, the oilfield generates a portion of the work we do, but we are also well versed in sectors such as: transmission and distribution, wind/solar energy, mining, pipelines and construction.

Recently, we have expanded our construction portfolio by using our access mats (aka mud/swamp mats) for a project in downtown Toronto. It all started when an iconic urban development company ran into muddy/wet soils while drilling pilings for a skyscraper. Knowing that the use of heavy equipment in these types of conditions would make for an unsafe working environment, the development company began looking for a solution.

The problem: How can we stabilize the wet soil conditions enough to support a 140-tonne pile driver?

The solution: Northern Mat and Bridge’s mud mats!

Having previously worked with the drilling company on a large solar farm project in Cochrane, Ontario, they recommended us to the development company. Shortly after receiving the call, Jamie – one the field supervisors from our highly experienced team – headed out to site. Working together with the construction team, they developed a plan to use a three-tiered platform. Having over nine years of matting experience, Jamie advised placing the mats in a staggered orientation would provide the safest and most sturdy surface for the heavy yellow iron.

As soon as the development company was ready for us, we deployed the mats. After a few short hours the Northern Mat & Bridge team had laid 100 mats and the drilling team was ready to get back to work. The mud mats were the perfect solution for the job, so good that they promptly ordered 100 more. The project is still underway and to date, the development company is thrilled that we are able to keep their project on schedule, saving costly downtime and create a safe working environment.

Toronto Mud Mats
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