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Five Ways Northern Mat & Bridge Takes the Risk Out of Your Project

Taking the Risk Out of Your Project

Increased Safety

There is no denying that when working in the energy sector, safety is an important part of your day to day. Northern Mat & Bridge’s (NMB) head office is located in Grande Prairie, Alberta – a hub of the oil & gas industry in the province – and safety is the most important part of our day. Our foundation is so immersed in industry-leading safety practices that it has become NMB culture. When you have Northern Mat & Bridge working on your job site, you have our guarantee each employee has best-in-class safety training and a commitment maintaining a job site with zero incidents.

Reduced Incidents

Whether you are working in construction, oil & gas, pipeline or other energy sector job, there are many factors such as heavy machinery and poor weather which negatively affect ground conditions. The use of access/mud/swamp mats creates a safe and level platform for your operations, which in turn minimizes slips, trips, falls and driving related incidents.

Environmental Stewardship

The use of access matting minimizes environmental impacts in a number of ways:

When working on sensitive, private or traditional lands, mats can be laid directly on the ground resulting in zero ground disturbance. This is extremely important for quick and natural regeneration.

Compaction, rutting, surface erosion and mechanical mixing caused by heavy machinery or driving in wet conditions leads to soil degradation and can have detrimental effects on the regional biota. Using swamp mats increases the surface area and load distribution, which in turn reduces industrial impacts.

Our innovative mat washing technology is a cost effective way to efficiently wash access mats and ensure there are no cross-contamination issues occurring between job sites.

Time Management

Outdoor occupations come with all-weather working conditions. Observing safety and environmental precautions, bad weather often results in putting your project on hold. When service costs can reach up to a million dollars a day, it’s easy to recognize loss in production, a site shut down or going on standby will result in extensive costs and will ultimately impact the success of your project. Being proactive and incorporating matting solutions into your project from the start creates substantial savings by averting costly downtime.

Rapid Access Response

Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) is an independent division in Northern Mat & Bridge which is focused solely on preparing your company for responding to environmental situations; such as train derailments, pipeline breaks and passing through sensitive agricultural and traditional land use areas. Headquartered in Grande Prairie, Alberta with over 50 offices and yard locations across Canada, NEAS is likely in close proximity to your environmental emergency. With NEAS’ 24-hour emergency hotline, rapid access solutions for your situation are ready where and when you need them! For more information visit the NEAS site or email Tannis Dobson.

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