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Bridging the Gap Quickly

Difficult terrain and tight timelines need quick and agile bridge solutions. We have portable steel bridges that are built specifically to navigate these challenges by reducing ground disturbance. Unlike other bridge products, ours require very little excavation to implement and assemble fast to get your operations to the other side.

Our steel portable bridges are the ultimate in easy to transport and set up access solutions. Small enough to require no piloting vehicles on transportation, and built to be winchable or skiddable, we can get our bridges in place fast. Assembly is easy because of the two-piece, low profile design.

Temporary access steel bridge   Portable Steel Bridges

Not Sacrificing Safety

We make our bridges quick to implement, but never at the cost of safety. Every one is built with safety guardrails and has a slip-resistant protective surface; making them a reliable and safe choice for operations.


Low Impact Implementation

The low-profile design of our portable steel bridges makes them perfect for situations where ground disturbance is an issue. Customers will have far less snow or earth to move to securely get one of our bridges in place.


Implementation Assistance

We offer turn-key service for transportation, implementation and removal of our products. For companies on tight timelines or short of manpower, we can help manage all aspects of getting a bridge in place.


Support and Durability

These two piece bridges are constructed to withstand regular, heavy use and will provide reliable access for the length of a project. Split down the centre line and using bolted type assembly, our bridges are built for Canadian weather and workloads.

Product Specifications
  • Steel Bridge InstallationAvailable in sizes of
    • 14’ x 20’ to
    • 16’ x 80’ supporting a variety bridge span requirements.
  • 1’ steel guardrail and 6” steel splashguard.
  • Design: CAN/CSA-S6-88 (modified)
  • Loading:
    • BCFSL100
    • CAN/CSA-S6-06 BCL-625
    • CAN/CSA-S6-06 CL-625
    • CAN/CSA-S6-06 CL-750
    • CAN/CSA-S6-06 CL-800