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Working on Stable Ground

Crane and digging mats provide a reliable foundation for heavy equipment to operate from. Northern Mat has a variety of sizes to suit different size machinery, and all are built with premium hardwoods, No. 2 grade Douglas Fir or Hem-Fir lumber.

Our crane mats are built for extremely easy transportation and adjustment on site, following operations and saving time.

Crane Mats   Portable Crane Mats


With optional notched or cabled ends, our timber mats are a simple task to adjust on site. Even with the ultra-heavy-duty construction, we know that operations never stay in one place, so we built our products around how our customers work.


Emergency Response

Northern Mat & Bridge has transport crews available around the clock. So if operations have halted because of ground conditions, give us a call and we will have the right product delivered immediately.

Product Specifications

Crane and timber mats have to balance rigid form with easy transportation. Our design enables stable ground to follow operations, ensuring there is always a safe base to work from.

  • Sizes:
    • 12” – 4’ x 16’
    • 4’ x 20’
    • 4’ x 24’
    • 4’ x 30’
  • Built with 1” rods with available 1-1/4” rods for extra reinforcement.
  • Constructed with standard sawn 12” x 12” timbers.