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Security in Times of Need

Northern Emergency Access SolutionsWhen disasters strike and access is limited, every second is important. The quicker the response, the safer the situation becomes. Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) is an independent group that is designed specifically to provide fast access in times of crisis.

We understand the impacts industrial emergencies can have on safety, the environment and production. Our organization is positioned to provide fast response in order to help companies reduce the physical and pubic damage of hazardous breaks, spills or natural disasters. This means better protection of the environment and less production related down-time. Having worked on numerous pipeline breaks, blowouts, oil leaks, forest fires, floods or weather events, landslides and train derailments, we know how to safely provide access so that containment, cleanup and recovery happen quickly.

Always on call and capable of responding, you should always have our number on hand for any emergency access situations.

In case of an emergency, call: 1.844.354.NEAS (6327)

Access Mats and Portable Bridge Emergency Services 

Always Reliable

Moving quickly requires the right process, but it also requires having the tools on hand and qualified people available when you need them. Northern Mat & Bridge maintains the largest fleet of access products, crews and experience in the industry today.  With locations across Canada, our experienced crews are ready to go.

Each project has a dedicated site supervisor who will oversee the operation through to completion. These highly trained and capable leaders ensure that access is accomplished safely, on time and on budget all while minimizing the environmental footprint of your project.

When you call Northern Mat & Bridge, you know we have the resources to begin immediately.

  • Over 125,000 mats in inventory (over 200 km of access)
  • Over 300 portable bridges
  • Experienced crews
  • Modern fleet of mat moving equipment
  • Sophisticated tracking software

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