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Sophisticated Mat Washing Solutions

Because environmental stewardship is an essential element of Northern Mat & Bridge’s operating approach, we have developed a brand new and completely innovative way to wash access matting. This mat washing solution allows companies to commit to zero disturbance practices on sensitive land and native grasslands and gives private land owners the confidence to know that their land is being properly protected during industrial activity.

It may not seem like a big deal, but the cleanliness of a mat is very important in certain instances. Here are a few key reasons why we’re committed to thorough mat washing:

  • Can virtually eliminate the spread of harmful pests such as Clubroot and Virulent Blackleg

  • Reduces the transfer of noxious weeds

  • Filters and recycles water

  • Has a closed system which protects the surrounding soil and water quality

  • Is 100% portable which greatly reduces transportation costs and associated environmental impact

Northern Mat & Bridge has developed a state-of-the-art mat washing machine like no other in the industry today. Our mat washing system is a portable system that can be easily moved from one location to another which drastically reduces the transport costs of washing mats. This system contains a series of powerful washing nozzles and brushes that wash mats to allow them to be re-used without the worry of cross contamination. The mat washer is an enclosed system which recycles water and is a contained unit. The system also has the ability to spray on a diluted bleach solution or any other environmentally-friendly applicant.