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Getting Off the Ground

To many people, access is getting from one point to another. For us, we know that access is a complicated process, one that we strive to make as easy as possible for our customers. Therefore we provide project consultation services to help our customers build an access strategy.

We are the access experts, and we have worked across all major industries in North America. Oil and gas, utilities, transmission & distribution, transportation, energy, agriculture, mining; these are just some of the scenarios we have consulted on in the past. Northern Mat & Bridge has experts on staff who understand our customer’s unique situations.

Getting Off the Ground

At the planning phase of a project, we will advise on the proper access products and installation for each situation. This includes working within our customer’s budgets and equipment requirements. Whether a project is big or small, our experts will help you develop a confident game plan for your project’s access needs.


Onsite Logistics

Beyond setting up a project, we go onsite to support setup and ongoing operations. We do this to ensure not only that the products are used effectively, but to help make sure all safety precautions are taken. The protection of our customers and the environment are our top concerns, so we have expert advisors on hand to ensure access is properly installed and utilized. NMB can supply access consultation in the planning stages to help produce access plans and budgets prior to project start up.

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