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Complete Access Support

Making site access simple is a matter of managing the details. We do more than just stock and deliver product, we quarterback every aspect of your access requirements. When you work with Northern Mat, we help you identify the situation, find the right solution and build a project plan. This collaborative approach makes us part of your team, working alongside you. The duration of the project, the type of vehicles and the environment all dictate what kind of mat or bridge product you should use. Our project managers will make recommendations based on your company operations.

We look at our service as a partnership; making access easy by handling all the components in house.

Setup and Support

Northern Mat & Bridge can handle all aspects of project setup and installation. With our own crews, transports and supervisors, we will get you a quality access system quickly.

Often, our products are the first thing on the ground once a site is chosen. We can have our crews placing mats and bridges at a moment’s notice, getting your operations setup without delay.

After setup, Northern Mat & Bridge will continue to provide service and support throughout the project. Replacements, repairs and additional products can quickly and easily be completed.

A turn-key service is about confidence. Our customers trust that a knowledgeable and experienced team is always available to help. Our systems support continuous operations, handling every aspect of our access systems.

Access Mat Installation

Access Mat Setup