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Wind Energy Access Mats, Rig Mats and Crane MatsNorthern Mat & Bridge has supplied Wind Farm projects with matted sites to build and store turbines as well as crane mats to support heavy lifts. Whether access is required due to poor site conditions, private land requirements or sensitive areas, Northern Mat & Bridge has the access products, expertise and experience to implement access solutions that save money and save the environment.

There are many benefits that come with using access matting for energy and distribution projects. Safety is a big one. The use of access matting provides a safe and stable platform for foundation and line crews to safely and easily travel and work from the matted access roads and work platforms.

Access mats provide protection of soils and crops on private and crown land during construction phases on a project. Matting protects against soil degradation such as soil compaction, rutting and soil erosion. The use of matting can also prevent cross contamination caused by the transfer of microorganisms from one area to another.