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Safety, Our #1 Priority

We have first-in-class HSE programs because we embrace a proactive safety culture in all we do

Environmental Response

NEAS helps prepare you for environmental emergencies; minimizing public scrutiny and costly down time


From manufacturing to completion, we deliver complete access support through the life-cycle of your project

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to our people, as well as the communities across Canada where we work

Nation-Wide Cost Savings

With the largest inventory and manufacturing capacity, we offer substantial savings in volume rentals & purchases

Guaranteeing access to a job site with mats and bridges is the smart choice to guard against injury, damage, liability and delays. Costly situations you need to avoid to stay on budget. Northern Mat & Bridge has an integrated solution of highly-qualified personnel, the right machines and products that perform. It all works together with the single purpose of meeting your needs on site.

Reduced Costs with Volume Rental Rates

For large projects, keeping your costs in line requires your volume purchasing power and a supplier that understands the realities of your budget. Northern Mat & Bridge has the largest stock of access/mud/swamp mats available to industry. We are able to offer substantial volume rental discounts while providing first-class customer service.

Partnering with you from the start, we can reduce your matting costs by a solid 30%. With project and manufacturing capabilities for upwards of 40,000 mats and more, we have sophisticated quality management and tracking systems in place to ensure accurate budget forecasting and billing. We're the right people for your next big job.

Canada Wide – The Geographic Advantage

When you've been in business as long as we have, you've had the time to build and expand. We have over 50 yards and offices strategically placed across Canada to reduce response time and associated transport costs. But don't think we stop there. If a client has an ongoing need for matting and service, we'll work with them to place a new yard near to them. We make access matting, so it's no surprise that we'd make access to our products and services as easy as possible.

Modern Equipment – A Fleet of Productivity

Northern Mat & Bridge has made the commitment to keeping our fleet current and well maintained. When you call us, you expect service done on time and to the highest standard. We couldn't do that if we didn't have the best machines available.

If our machines are the hardware, then our people are the software running them. Trained in the best methods to handle our products and how they integrate with your job site, each is a highly-qualified consultant ready to understand your needs and advise you on solutions that are budget conscious, always safe and always effective.

Turn-Key Services

Because we deliver the complete cycle of our services, we've taken our project management skills and processes to their highest level. We always know at what stage your project is at, and what we need to do at every step to ensure your productivity and your confidence in our service and products. It's one call for complete access support.

  • Custom Orders
  • Project Set-Up and Management
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Repairs and Replacements
  • Inventory Management
  • Mat Washing
  • Emergency Response

Northern Environmental Access Services

Sometimes it doesn't go as planned. An industrial emergency can happen in the worst conditions in an area that is all-but inaccessible. That's where Northern Environmental Access Services (NEAS) comes in. Using our decades of providing planned access, NEAS takes us to the next level, assisting first responders and industrial remediation teams in reducing the impact of industrial accidents and helping return the land to its natural state.

Visit the NEAS site for the whole story.